Welcome to my local blog

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Hi, I am Alicia Meyers (Ali for short), Real Estate Agent for Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty. I service the Rockland, Westchester, Bergen and Passaic Counties in NY and NJ. The posts on my site will consist of various topics from real estate to cooking to local events and local vendors.

I grew up in Rockland County, went to school in NYC and lived in NYC for 20 years. I had to constantly explain where Rockland County was. People know where Westchester and Bergen Counties are, and when I explain Rockland is above Bergen County, they would say “Oh, so you are from New Jersey.”  Ugh, NO. “So you are from upstate?” Hardly. Then you have to move on to landmarks, “Do you know where the Tappan Zee Bridge is? Rockland is on the OTHER side.”  “Rockland is 15 minutes North of the GW Bridge.” and on and on. I used to get so excited to see a Rockland town on the weather map on CBS, NBC or ABC because we were invisible to the tri-state area.

So now I am back in Rockland for over 10 years and enjoying the suburban life. Family, work and hobbies keep me busy and I love every minute of it.

Here is a graphic of where Rockland County is in case you want to brush up on your geography courtesy of Worldmaps.com